Bret A. Moore, Psy.D., ABPP

Clinical and Prescribing Psychologist
Dr. Bret A. Moore is a prescribing psychologist and board-certified clinical psychologist in San Antonio, Texas. He is the author and editor of 24 books including Clinical Psychopharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple, Handbook of Clinical Psychopharmacology for Therapists, Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychopharmacology Made Simple, Treating PTSD in Military Personnel, and the Posttraumatic Growth Workbook. He has also written feature articles for Scientific American Mind, The New Republic, and Military Times. Dr. Moore is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and recipient of many state and national awards. His views on clinical and military psychology have been quoted in USA Today, The New York Times, and The Boston Globe, and on CNN and Fox News. He has appeared on NPR, the BBC, and CBC.

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