Michael Barta, PhD

Founder of Begin Again and National Author
Dr. Michael Barta is the author of TINSA (Trauma-Induced Sexual Addiction), and the creator of the TINSA model. He founded Begin Again Institute, the first neurobiologically and trauma-based men’s sex and pornography treatment center. Michael has over 35 years of addiction recovery experience and 13 years specializing in the treatment of sex and porn addictions as well as partner betrayal. His published book, TINSA provides a neurological approach to the treatment of sex and pornography addictions. Dr. Barta has utilized his clinical skill and personal recovery to create a neurobiological model that works on the cause or core of the sexual addiction. He is currently developing a new model that uses a neurobiological approach to treat mental health issues as well as all addictions. He is a nationally acknowledged speaker in the field of addiction and frequently provides lectures and trainings for therapists regarding the treatment of sex and pornography addictions.

Dr. Barta

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